Pauline Gerschwitz studied psychology at Kiel University and graduated with a master’s degree in 2021. From 2020 to 2021, she worked as a student trainee in neuropsychological research at the MS Day Clinic and INIMS. As part of her master’s thesis, she developed a metacognitive questionnaire for people with multiple sclerosis and depressive symptoms. After completing her master’s degree in 2021, she began her licensure training as a child and adolescent psychotherapist with a focus on cognitive and behavioral therapy. As part of this, she worked as a psychologist in a medical care center and child and adolescent psychiatry with a focus on depression in adolescence. In 2023, she began working as a research assistant in neuropsychological assessment and research in multiple sclerosis at the MS Day Clinic in a project supporting GAIA’s digital health applications targeting depression, fatigue, anxiety and lifestyle in people with multiple sclerosis.

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