Heesen C, Bergmann M, Figge C, Löschke S, Feldmann M.

We report on a typical case of intravascular lymphomatosis, a rarely diagnosed, generalised intravascular lymphoma usually of the B-cell type. In most cases there is a lack of clear haematological findings but in more than 50% intravascular lymphomatosis presents with symptoms of the central nervous system. Every rapidly progressive neurological deficit, especially the association of a subacute dementia with a spinal syndrome may suggest IVL-NS. However, careful examination may detect minor features for a systemic process in 25-80% i.e. B-symptoms elevation of ESR and LDH. Neurological imaging demonstrates multifocal lesions in the CNS with affinity to the deep white matter consistent with a microvascular or demyelinating disease. Angiographically IVL-NS may mimic cerebral vasculitis. CSF findings are nonspecific. Because diagnosis can only be made histologically, a cerebral biopsy should be undertaken in suspected cases. Usually the course of the disease is fatal. Therapy involving steroids, combination polychemotherapy or radiation met with only minor success.

Fortschr Neurol Psychiatr 1996;64:234-41.

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