Heesen C, Georghiu S, Gbadamosi J, Schoser BG.

OBJECTIVE: To investigate possible associations of soluble CD95 (sCD95) serum levels and DNA defragmentation with different MS disease stages and activities. METHODS: Sera of 114 patients were analysed by an ELISA technique for sCD95. In a subgroup of 18 relapsing-remitting MS patients and controls we studied DNA fragmentation by the TUNEL-method in CSF cytospins. RESULTS: sCD95 was detectable in sera of MS patients, healthy controls and meningitis patients without significant differences. CSF specimens showed modest amounts of apoptotic cells in MS and controls. CONCLUSION: We could not demonstrate an association of MS disease course or activity with the expression of sCD95 in sera. DNA fragmentation in the CSF was not significantly enhanced compared to controls. Thus the analysed markers of programmed cell death appear not suitable to monitor MS disease courses.

Acta Neurol. Scand. 2000;102:333-6.

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